About us

Zambuling Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is a trekking and mountaineering company based in Kathmandu Nepal.  “Zambuling” refers to “The earth” in the language of the Tamang people who live in Nepal’s high Himalayas. Our director and many of our staff are Tamang and are dedicated to sharing our culture as well as the adventure and beauty of our Himalayas with you.   Zambuling Expedition invites you to join us for an adventure holiday or a cultural tour.  With over 7 years of experience in organizing and leading treks, providing mountaineering services, and managing travel logistics, we can offer you an adventurous but safe experience that also allows you to also gain a better understanding of Himalayan communities and their peoples.

Zambuling Expedition is an independent locally-owned company rather than one of the larger corporate tourist entities that dominant the Himalayan tourism market.  Because of this we are able to offer smaller custom-made treks, cultural tours, and expeditions, which is our preference, as well as having the capacity to organize larger group adventures.   We are well aware of the impact that tourism can have on local cultureand the environment and work hard to make that impact a positive rather than a negative.

Zambuling Expedition donates some percentage of its profit to support Community Gonpa Education Initiative Nepal (CGEIN) http://cgein.org/.  CGEIN is working with Nepal’s Buddhist monasteries to develop an education program that can be used by rural communities in the high Himalayas.  The program will support the learning of both academic and indigenous knowledge for the next generation of children in these villages.  Currently those with financial means send their children to distant urban boarding schools, disrupting ties to their family, community, and often to their religion.  Those without financial means have little access to formal education.

We know that there are quite literally thousands of trekking companies in our region to choose from–each with their own website.  We hope that Zambuling Expedition’s commitment to working with you to organize your adventure, whether it be a cultural tour, high Himalayan trekking, mountaineering expedition, or some combination of these in a manner that emphasizes the positive in cultural and high-altitude tourism will convince you to contact us to discuss your adventure.